About the Team, Behind the Scenes at Gacha.blog

Who is behind the development here at Gacha.blog?

So far, this website is run by Jean Piaget, I am an programing enthusiast and online business owner, what you see here is created by me, when new crew members arrive, I will be updating them on this page, you can see more about my mission for this company here on our About us at Gacha.blog page & Contact us page.

To check out more about the team (me) who I am and what I do, check out my author page or twitter profile here:

About the author

Jean Piaget
Jean Piaget
Hi there! Jean Piaget here, I am an programing enthusiast and Gacha game addict, this space is the all in one Gacha game resource, feel free to check out my social media profiles and join me in a Gacha game! follow me on Twitter & Reddit