27 Best APPs For Making Gacha Videos (Definitive Guide)

What is gacha Life editing?

Gacha Life editing is a fascinating and immersive process that allows Gacha Life players and fans to craft their own narratives, stories, and skits using the characters and backgrounds available in the Gacha Life game. As a dedicated Gacha enthusiast myself, I’ve come to appreciate the beauty and artistry involved in creating unique and compelling Gacha videos. It’s not just about placing characters in a scene; it’s about bringing a vision to life, adding effects, music, transitions, and sometimes even voiceovers to create a masterpiece. It’s an opportunity to unleash one’s creativity, tell a story, and share it with the vast Gacha community.

The best Gacha life editing APPs Are:


Available on:

  • Android APP
  • iOS APP
  • Windows APP
  • Online SAS Tool
  • Oficial website: Canva.com

From my own experience, Canva stands out as an incredible tool not just for designing graphics but also for Gacha Life video editing. Canva offers a seamless and intuitive interface that’s perfect for beginners yet versatile enough for seasoned editors.

  • Video Editing Capabilities: Canva allows for essential video editing tasks such as trimming clips, splitting scenes, merging multiple clips, adding smooth transitions, and incorporating various video effects to enhance the visual storytelling of your Gacha creation.
  • Audio Management: One of the app’s strengths lies in its audio management. You can add music from Canva’s vast library, insert voiceovers, adjust volume levels, and sync the audio perfectly with your Gacha scenes.
  • Text and Subtitles: With Canva, you can add text overlays, choose from a myriad of fonts, and customize them to fit the aesthetic of your Gacha video. Subtitles can also be easily added, making it accessible to a broader audience.
  • Stickers, GIFs, and Overlays: Canva offers a range of stickers and GIFs. While some are general, there are a few that could be creatively incorporated into a Gacha theme. The overlays, especially, can add a layer of depth to your scenes.
  • Export and Share: Once done, Canva supports various export formats and resolutions. Moreover, sharing your masterpiece on multiple platforms is a breeze with its integrated sharing options.

Gacha Studio

Available on:

Another gem in the realm of Gacha editing is Gacha Studio. Specifically tailored for the Gacha community, it offers a more niche experience for creators. I’ve spent countless hours on this app, and its potential is genuinely awe-inspiring.

  • Video Editing Capabilities: Gacha Studio primarily focuses on scene creation with its vast array of characters, costumes, and backdrops. However, its video editing capabilities shouldn’t be overlooked. With features like scene transitions and basic clip adjustments, it’s a must-have for any Gacha enthusiast.
  • Audio Management: Gacha Studio allows you to integrate soundtracks and voiceovers, ensuring that your story isn’t just visually appealing but also audibly engaging.
  • Text and Subtitles: Dialogues are an integral part of Gacha stories. Gacha Studio provides a robust text tool that ensures your characters’ conversations are clear, readable, and impactful.
  • Stickers, GIFs, and Overlays: Dive deep into Gacha-specific stickers and effects that elevate the charm of your video. From magical overlays to expressive GIFs, Gacha Studio has it all.
  • Export and Share: Sharing your Gacha Studio creations is straightforward. Whether you want to save it to your device or share it with the community, the app provides various export and sharing options.
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Available on:

has been my go-to for more advanced video editing needs. Its professional-grade features combined with an intuitive interface make it a favorite among many Gacha creators.

  • Video Editing Capabilities: Kinemaster excels in offering advanced video editing tools. From multi-layered editing to chroma key effects, it caters to both basic and advanced needs.
  • Audio Management: Its audio features are impeccable. You can fine-tune your audio, add sound effects, and even use its voice changer feature for added creativity.
  • Text and Subtitles: Adding text and subtitles is a breeze, with numerous fonts and styles to choose from.
  • Stickers, GIFs, and Overlays: While not Gacha-specific, Kinemaster’s asset store offers a plethora of stickers, GIFs, and overlays that can be integrated creatively into Gacha videos.
  • Export and Share: Kinemaster supports a range of export formats and resolutions. Sharing on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and more is seamless.


Available on:

Lastly, I cannot omit Powerdirector. A powerhouse in the video editing realm, its capabilities are vast and can significantly enhance your Gacha video production, it also has a new AI video editing feature (that I have not had time to try!, but it is on my bucket list).

  • Video Editing Capabilities: Powerdirector provides a comprehensive suite of video editing tools. Its multi-timeline interface, color correction, and advanced effects can bring a professional touch to your Gacha creations.
  • Audio Management: It offers sophisticated audio editing tools, including an audio mixer and sound effects, ensuring top-notch audio quality for your videos.
  • Text and Subtitles: Dynamic text effects, along with customizable subtitles, ensure your narratives are both engaging and accessible.
  • Stickers, GIFs, and Overlays: Though not specifically tailored for Gacha, its vast library can be adapted and utilized innovatively for Gacha videos.
  • Export and Share: Exporting in high resolutions is a standout feature, and its direct sharing capabilities make sure your Gacha stories reach your desired audience effortlessly.


Available on:

iMovie, a name synonymous with video editing, especially for Apple users. Designed for iOS and macOS, iMovie offers a seamless, user-friendly interface that’s perfect for both beginners and experienced editors. I’ve often found it to be a comprehensive tool, especially for gacha editing, as it incorporates a wide range of features catering to the unique requirements of gacha creators.

  • Video Editing Capabilities: With iMovie, you get a timeline-based interface where you can drag and drop your Gacha Life clips, trim them, split, and rearrange with utmost ease. The transitions and effects available can add a dramatic flair to your gacha stories.
  • Audio Management: iMovie stands out with its audio editing tools. You can add multiple audio tracks, adjust the volume, fade in/out, and even apply audio effects to make your gacha videos more immersive.
  • Text and Subtitles: iMovie lets you overlay text, providing various styles and animations. This is especially beneficial when you want to add dialogues or context to your gacha scenes.
  • Stickers, GIFs, and Overlays: While iMovie doesn’t have native support for stickers or GIFs, there are workarounds. You can import them as images or videos and then overlay them on your primary footage.
  • Export and Share: Once done, you can directly share your edited gacha video to social media platforms or export them in various resolutions and formats suitable for different devices.


Available on:

  • Android APP
  • iOS APP
  • Huawei APP Store
  • Oficial website: inshot.com

InShot is a powerful video and photo editor designed for mobile devices. What makes InShot special for me is its versatility combined with a simple interface. Whether you’re editing gacha videos or any other content, InShot is reliable and packs a punch.

  • Video Editing Capabilities: InShot’s timeline is intuitive, allowing easy trimming, cutting, and merging of clips. Plus, the app offers speed control, which is great for creating slow-motion or fast-paced gacha sequences.
  • Audio Management: Import your audio, be it voiceovers or music, and tweak them as per your gacha storyline. The app also boasts a decent library of royalty-free tracks.
  • Text and Subtitles: Overlaying text is a breeze, with several presets and animations available. It’s a feature I frequently use to provide context to my gacha scenes.
  • Stickers, GIFs, and Overlays: InShot shines here, offering a rich library of stickers, GIFs, and effects to embellish your gacha narratives.
  • Export and Share: Efficient export options are available, and the direct share feature to platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok is pretty handy.


Available on:

  • Android APP
  • iOS APP
  • Huawei APP Store
  • Direct APK Download
  • Oficial website: vivavideo.tv

VivaVideo is a go-to app for many mobile video editors, including gacha enthusiasts like me. Its mix of advanced features with beginner-friendly tools ensures a smooth editing experience.

  • Video Editing Capabilities: VivaVideo offers multi-track editing, allowing layers of video clips for complex gacha storytelling. Effects like transitions, filters, and speed control enhance your video quality.
  • Audio Management: A clear winner in this department, VivaVideo allows detailed audio edits, voiceovers, and even pitch control, giving depth to your gacha characters.
  • Text and Subtitles: A wide range of text styles, fonts, and animations are available to make your dialogues pop.
  • Stickers, GIFs, and Overlays: With its rich library, you’re never short of creative elements to sprinkle over your gacha tales.
  • Export and Share: Quick export in HD quality is available, and sharing options are vast, ensuring your gacha stories reach a wider audience.

CuteCut Pro

Available on:

CuteCut Pro, as the name suggests, is designed to make your videos look adorable. Its suite of features is tailored for detailed and intricate editing, making it ideal for gacha videos.

  • Video Editing Capabilities: CuteCut Pro offers a multi-layer timeline where you can add videos, photos, music, and even voiceovers. Transitions, filters, and other effects can be applied to give a polished look to your gacha stories.
  • Audio Management: Adjusting volume, adding effects, and synchronizing audio with video are made simple in CuteCut Pro, enhancing the mood of your gacha narrative.
  • Text and Subtitles: The app provides a plethora of text styles, fonts, and animations, ensuring your gacha characters communicate effectively.
  • Stickers, GIFs, and Overlays: A standout feature of CuteCut Pro is its extensive library of creative elements, adding charm to your gacha tales.
  • Export and Share: With various export options, you can ensure your gacha videos are of the highest quality. Sharing options to popular platforms are also available.


Available on:

VideoStar has emerged as a distinguished platform in the realm of gacha game recording and editing. Drawing from my comprehensive exploration of the app, I found it to be an intricately designed software catering to the diverse needs of gacha gamers and content creators. It intertwines user-friendly navigation with professional-grade features, ensuring that even beginners can delve into sophisticated video production with ease.

  • Video Editing Capabilities: Navigating through VideoStar, I observed a robust set of video editing tools. From seamless cut, trim, and splice options to advanced color grading and transitions, it packs in features which are paramount for enhancing the aesthetics of gacha gameplays.
  • Audio Management: Audio plays a pivotal role in the storytelling aspect of any game content. With VideoStar, I was able to manipulate multiple audio layers, adjust volumes, and even incorporate external soundtracks, all of which augmented the auditory experience of my videos.
  • Text and Subtitles: Annotations, in the form of text and subtitles, can be seamlessly integrated into your game recordings. This proves indispensable for creators who wish to elucidate certain game strategies or simply add a narrative dimension to their content.
  • Stickers, GIFs, and Overlays: Embellishing videos with stickers, GIFs, and overlays has never been more straightforward. VideoStar boasts an expansive library of these elements, and I found this particularly delightful for adding that extra flair to gacha game footages.
  • Export and Share: Once your masterpiece is ready, exporting and sharing are done with a couple of taps. I was impressed by the myriad of format options and direct sharing capabilities to popular platforms, making dissemination of content a breeze.


Available on:

Venturing into VLLO, I was introduced to a realm where video editing converges with simplicity. VLLO stands out for its intuitive design meshed with potent features that cater to gacha enthusiasts and creators alike.

  • Video Editing Capabilities: With VLLO, I could effortlessly maneuver through a plethora of editing tools. Be it tweaking video speeds, introducing captivating transitions, or even dabbling in some light animation; the app presents an all-encompassing suite.
  • Audio Management: Balancing in-game sounds with voiceovers or background music can be quite a challenge. But with VLLO’s sophisticated audio mixer, it was intriguing to see how I could layer and fine-tune sounds to perfection.
  • Text and Subtitles: VLLO simplifies the process of introducing text overlays and subtitles. I particularly enjoyed the diversity in font styles and customization options, which can be instrumental in guiding viewers through the intricacies of gacha gaming.
  • Stickers, GIFs, and Overlays: The app comes equipped with a varied collection of decorative elements. From quirky stickers to interactive GIFs, there’s a lot in VLLO’s arsenal to elevate the visual appeal of gacha videos.
  • Export and Share: VLLO’s streamlined exporting options ensure your videos are primed for sharing. With direct integrations to popular platforms and a range of format choices, content distribution is rendered hassle-free.

Camera 360

Available on:

Camera 360 is among the top-tier tools for gacha game enthusiasts like myself. It boasts a plethora of features that elevate the game graphics, making the whole experience more visually appealing. Allow me, Jean Piaget, to delve deeper into what makes Camera 360 such a prized tool in the gacha game community.

  • Main Features: Camera 360 doesn’t just aim to impress; it ensures users have everything they need at their fingertips. While its breadth of features is vast, I’ll touch upon the most vital ones that have proven indispensable for me.
  • Video Editing Capabilities: The video editing module in Camera 360 is truly ahead of its time. I’ve found that I can trim, crop, and manipulate my gacha game clips with ease, lending my content a professional touch. The transitions, effects, and filters available have been a game-changer in enhancing the visual narratives of my gacha adventures.
  • Audio Management: Audio plays a pivotal role in enriching game narratives. Camera 360’s audio management allows me to overlay soundtracks, manage volume levels, and even integrate voiceovers seamlessly. The audio effects available further add nuance to my gameplays, offering a more immersive experience to viewers.
  • Text and Subtitles: Whether it’s guiding viewers or adding context, the text and subtitle feature has been invaluable. The range of fonts, styles, and animations ensures that any added text aligns perfectly with the game’s aesthetics.
  • Stickers, GIFs, and Overlays: To infuse a bit of fun and personality into my videos, I often resort to the myriad of stickers, GIFs, and overlays Camera 360 offers. Whether it’s a quirky sticker or a thematic overlay, these additions often bring a smile to my viewers’ faces.
  • Export and Share: Once I’ve finessed my creation, Camera 360’s export and share feature ensures I can get my content out to my audience in the best possible quality. With a range of export settings and direct sharing capabilities to popular platforms, it’s a breeze to get my content noticed.


Available on:

Snapseed, in my experience, is like a Swiss knife for photo editing. Its precision and versatility have consistently impressed me, and it’s no wonder many in the gacha game community hold it in high regard, Snapseed’s features is what sets it apart. Here’s my deep dive into what I consider its standout offerings.

  • Video Editing Capabilities: Although primarily a photo editor, Snapseed’s foray into video has been noteworthy. The precision tools, filters, and effects lend a unique touch to gacha game clips, ensuring they stand out.
  • Audio Management: While Snapseed’s audio management may not be as extensive as some other tools, it’s efficient. Basic audio overlay and volume management ensure that the game’s narrative isn’t lost.
  • Text and Subtitles: Snapseed shines here with its intuitive text addition capabilities. The range of fonts and styles ensures that every piece of text feels integrated, rather than an afterthought.
  • Stickers, GIFs, and Overlays: Snapseed’s selection may be limited compared to others, but each sticker, GIF, and overlay is crafted to perfection. They add that touch of personality, making each game clip truly my own.
  • Export and Share: The ease with which one can export and share content from Snapseed is commendable. With optimized settings and quick sharing options, I can ensure my audience gets the best of my content promptly.


Available on:

Afterlight, for me, has been about achieving that perfect balance between simplicity and functionality. It’s a tool that doesn’t overwhelm but delivers on all fronts, making it a favorite for many gacha game aficionados.

  • Video Editing Capabilities: While not its primary forte, Afterlight’s video capabilities are decent. Basic trimming, filters, and effects give my gacha game clips a polished look, resonating well with my audience.
  • Audio Management: The tool offers rudimentary audio management, sufficient for most casual users. It ensures the narrative of my games remains front and center.
  • Text and Subtitles: Text addition in Afterlight is a smooth affair. With a curated list of fonts and styles, it ensures my game narratives are enhanced, not overshadowed.
  • Stickers, GIFs, and Overlays: Afterlight’s offering in this domain is select but impactful. Each addition feels thoughtfully curated, adding layers of depth to my game stories.
  • Export and Share: Getting my content out is a breeze with Afterlight. The export settings are optimized, and sharing capabilities ensure my audience is always in the loop.


Available on:

Splice, a product I’ve explored in-depth, offers a suite of robust features tailored to cater to both novices and professionals alike. Built with the modern content creator in mind, its capabilities stretch far and wide. Dive in to see what this tool brings to the table.

  • Video Editing Capabilities: Having tinkered with its video editing capabilities, I must say I’m genuinely impressed. Splice offers a comprehensive timeline editing functionality, allowing users to seamlessly cut, trim, and merge clips. Transitions are smooth, and there’s an extensive library of effects that can enhance any project. What stood out to me was the intuitive drag-and-drop interface, which simplifies the editing process for those who might be newer to the field.
  • Audio Management: Splice’s audio management is nothing short of stellar. Users can integrate music, voiceovers, and sound effects effortlessly. The audio waveform visualization aids in precise editing and syncing, ensuring that your audio complements your visuals perfectly. I particularly enjoyed the vast library of royalty-free tracks available – a boon for content creators.
  • Text and Subtitles: One feature that I believe adds immense value is Splice’s capability to integrate text and subtitles. Whether you’re looking to add a catchy title, explanatory text, or ensure accessibility with subtitles, Splice makes it straightforward. The variety of fonts and customization options mean that text can seamlessly fit into any aesthetic.
  • Stickers, GIFs, and Overlays: Who doesn’t love a bit of flair? With Splice, I found that sprucing up my videos with stickers, GIFs, and overlays was a breeze. Whether it’s a playful sticker or a professional overlay, there’s something in their library for everyone. It’s these small elements that can make videos pop and engage viewers more effectively.
  • Export and Share: Once I had finished editing, exporting, and sharing my work was uncomplicated. Splice supports various resolutions and formats, ensuring that the final product is optimized for whichever platform it’s intended for. Plus, the direct sharing capabilities to social media platforms streamline the publishing process.


Available on:

  • Android APP
  • iOS APP
  • Huawei APP Store
  • Oficial website: funimate.com

Funimate, another tool I’ve dissected, is renowned for its vibrant and fun approach to video editing. Ideal for those looking to add a touch of whimsy to their content, its features are both powerful and user-friendly.

  • Video Editing Capabilities: With Funimate, I found that creating lively, dynamic videos was a straightforward affair. It boasts a host of unique effects, filters, and transitions, ensuring that each video stands out. The intuitive interface means that even those with little editing experience can produce captivating content.
  • Text and Subtitles: Like Splice, Funimate doesn’t skimp on text and subtitle features. I was able to craft engaging titles, add explanatory text, and even ensure accessibility with subtitles. The customization options ensure that text elements can be tailored to match any theme or aesthetic.
  • Stickers, GIFs, and Overlays: What makes Funimate shine is its extensive library of stickers, GIFs, and overlays. I had a blast integrating these into my videos, and they really do add a playful touch. Perfect for those looking to create content that’s both fun and engaging.
  • Export and Share: Finally, Funimate makes exporting and sharing content straightforward. Whether you’re publishing to social media or sharing with friends, the process is seamless. The tool supports a range of formats and resolutions, ensuring optimal quality across platforms.

Filmmaker Pro

Available on:

Filmmaker Pro is an incredibly diverse and powerful application that I’ve explored extensively. It offers a plethora of features that can cater to the needs of both amateur and professional video creators alike.

  • Video Editing Capabilities: I discovered that Filmmaker Pro provides advanced video editing tools, enabling users to crop, trim, and merge clips seamlessly. The transitions and effects library is vast, which allows for more dynamic and professional-looking videos. Additionally, the color correction and grading tools are top-notch, ensuring that videos have a cinematic touch to them.
  • Audio Management: One thing that stood out to me is the application’s exceptional audio management system. Not only can users import their own audio tracks, but there is also a built-in library of sound effects and music to choose from. The audio mixer allows for the balancing of multiple audio sources, making sure that the final output is crisp and clear.
  • Text and Subtitles: Adding text and subtitles in Filmmaker Pro is a breeze. With a range of fonts and styles to choose from, users can ensure that their message gets across effectively. There’s also an automatic subtitle generator, which can save a lot of time when producing content in multiple languages.
  • Stickers, GIFs, and Overlays: For those looking to add a bit of flair to their videos, the stickers, GIFs, and overlays section does not disappoint. From quirky animations to professional-looking graphics, there’s something for everyone.
  • Export and Share: Once the video is complete, exporting and sharing it is a straightforward process. Whether it’s for social media, a website, or personal use, Filmmaker Pro offers a variety of export options to ensure the video is of the highest quality and compatible with various platforms.

Photoshop Express

Available on:

Photoshop Express, a name synonymous with photo editing, is a tool I’ve cherished for its intuitive interface and robust features. As part of the Adobe family, it naturally inherits the legacy of advanced editing capabilities.

  • Video Editing Capabilities: Although primarily known for photo editing, Photoshop Express does offer basic video editing features. I found that it allows for simple trims and adjustments, making it suitable for quick edits on the go.
  • Audio Management: While it may not have an expansive audio library like some dedicated video editors, Photoshop Express does provide basic audio editing and management capabilities. Users can adjust volume levels and add simple audio effects to enhance their videos.
  • Text and Subtitles: The text tools in Photoshop Express are well-developed. Users can add captions, titles, and annotations with ease, choosing from a variety of fonts and styles.
  • Stickers, GIFs, and Overlays: One area where Photoshop Express shines is its vast collection of stickers, GIFs, and overlays. Whether it’s for a touch of humor or a professional overlay, there’s plenty to choose from.
  • Export and Share: Exporting and sharing from Photoshop Express is efficient. With seamless integration into the Adobe ecosystem, users can easily export their creations to other Adobe applications or share them on social media platforms.


Available on:

Primarily known for its portrait and selfie enhancement tools, Facetune is a must-have for those looking to perfect their photos.

  • Video Editing Capabilities: While Facetune is primarily a photo-editing app, it does provide some video editing capabilities. I noticed that users can make short video clips with enhanced facial features, which can be particularly useful for social media content.
  • Audio Management: Facetune’s audio management is relatively basic. Users can add and adjust audio tracks to their videos, but the options are somewhat limited compared to more dedicated video editors.
  • Text and Subtitles: Adding text in Facetune is simple and intuitive. The app provides several fonts and styles for users to play around with, ensuring that their message is effectively conveyed.
  • Stickers, GIFs, and Overlays: Facetune offers a selection of stickers and overlays tailored for portraits and selfies. These can add a fun or professional touch to photos and videos.
  • Export and Share: Once users are satisfied with their creation, Facetune allows for easy exporting and sharing. Whether it’s saving to the device or posting directly to social media, the process is smooth and hassle-free.


Available on:

Retrica is a popular photo-editing app known for its vintage filters and live effects.

  • Video Editing Capabilities: While Retrica is more geared towards photo editing, it does provide some video editing tools. I found that users can apply live filters and effects to their videos, giving them a unique and retro feel.
  • Audio Management: The audio management in Retrica is basic but functional. Users can add background music to their videos from a built-in library or import their own tracks.
  • Text and Subtitles: Adding text in Retrica is a straightforward process. Users can overlay captions, quotes, or annotations on their videos and photos, making their content more engaging.
  • Stickers, GIFs, and Overlays: Retrica boasts a diverse collection of stickers, GIFs, and overlays. From vintage stickers to modern animations, users have a wide range of options to enhance their content.
  • Export and Share: Exporting and sharing content from Retrica is a breeze. With just a few taps, users can save their creations or share them directly to their favorite social media platforms.


Available on:

FilmoraGo, by Wondershare, is a mobile video editing application that I’ve found to be user-friendly and feature-rich.

  • Video Editing Capabilities: FilmoraGo offers a comprehensive set of video editing tools. From trimming and merging clips to adding transitions and effects, it caters to both beginners and seasoned editors. The drag-and-drop interface is especially useful, allowing for quick and easy edits.
  • Audio Management: The audio tools in FilmoraGo are impressive. Not only can users import their own tracks, but they can also access a library of royalty-free music and sound effects. The built-in audio mixer ensures that the final output has balanced and clear sound.
  • Text and Subtitles: Adding text and subtitles in FilmoraGo is intuitive. With a wide range of fonts and styles, users can ensure their content is both engaging and informative.
  • Stickers, GIFs, and Overlays: FilmoraGo offers a vast collection of stickers, GIFs, and overlays. Whether it’s for a touch of humor or a professional touch, users have plenty of options to enhance their videos.
  • Export and Share: FilmoraGo stands out for its versatile exporting options. Whether it’s for social media, a website, or personal use, users can choose from various resolutions and formats to ensure compatibility and quality.


Available on:

Gramblr is a dedicated application for uploading photos and videos directly to Instagram from a desktop.

Video Editing Capabilities: While Gramblr’s primary function is to upload content to Instagram, it does offer some basic video editing tools. Users can trim and adjust their videos, ensuring they fit perfectly within Instagram’s parameters.

Audio Management: Gramblr provides a basic audio management system. Users can adjust the volume of their videos and add simple background music if desired.

Text and Subtitles: Gramblr’s text tools are simple but functional. Users can overlay captions and annotations on their videos, ensuring their content is engaging for their Instagram audience.

Stickers, GIFs, and Overlays: While Gramblr doesn’t have a vast collection of stickers or overlays, it does offer some basic options to enhance videos and photos.

Export and Share: Since Gramblr is primarily an uploading tool, it excels in this area. Users can easily schedule or post their content directly to Instagram, ensuring a seamless sharing experience.

iOS user? these are the BEST video editing APPS for editing gacha videos on iPhone

If you’re an iOS user like me, diving into the world of Gacha games and creating content around them can be quite an adventure. Through my experiences and extensive research, I’ve come across a myriad of video editing apps suitable for iPhone. It’s essential to pick the right tool that complements your editing style and helps you put together compelling Gacha videos. Based on hands-on experience, feedback from the community, and value for money, I’ve narrowed down the list to the top three video editing apps that are perfect for editing Gacha videos on iPhone. Here, I present to you a detailed look at each of these apps.


iMovie is Apple’s proprietary video editing software and comes pre-installed on most iOS devices. It’s a great starter tool for those venturing into the world of video editing. Over the years, iMovie has come a long way and now provides a range of features that are quite handy.

  • Simplicity: For newcomers, iMovie offers an intuitive interface, making the editing process smooth.
  • Themes & Transitions: There are several built-in themes tailored for different genres, along with dynamic transitions to give a polished look to your Gacha videos.
  • Sound Effects & Voiceovers: Enhance the narrative of your video with a range of sound effects or even add your voice commentary.

Though iMovie might lack some advanced features that professional editors look for, it’s an excellent starting point. The app’s seamless integration with the iOS ecosystem means you can start editing on one device and continue on another. This can be a game-changer for those who are always on the move.

Cute Cut

Cute Cut is another gem in the world of iOS video editing. Don’t be deceived by its name; this app packs a punch when it comes to video editing capabilities.

  • Dual Timeline Interface: Unlike many other editing apps, Cute Cut offers a unique dual timeline. This means you can interact with both video and audio tracks simultaneously, allowing for precision editing.
  • Customizable Transitions: One can create custom transitions or use the pre-set options. It adds a personal touch to your Gacha game videos.
  • High-quality Export: With Cute Cut, you’re assured of high-resolution exports, ensuring your viewers get the best visual experience.

It’s noteworthy to mention that there might be a slight learning curve for first-time users. However, once you get the hang of it, the possibilities with Cute Cut are endless.


Last but certainly not least is Kinemaster. It’s a professional-grade video editing app that’s won the hearts of many content creators, including Gacha game enthusiasts.

  • Layer-based Editing: One of Kinemaster’s strengths is its ability to manage multiple layers of video, images, and text. This feature is particularly useful for creating complex edits or adding special effects.
  • Chroma Key: If you’re into creating green screen effects, Kinemaster’s Chroma Key feature is a boon.
  • Asset Store: The app has an in-built store where users can download additional transitions, effects, and royalty-free music.

While Kinemaster is feature-rich, it might be overkill for beginners. However, if you’re serious about video editing and want to take your Gacha game videos to the next level, it’s worth the investment.

New: Best AI Powered Video editing APPs for Gacha Videos

In the dynamic world of Gacha, there’s a growing trend that has caught my attention: the use of AI-powered video editing apps. These applications harness the power of artificial intelligence to streamline the editing process, making it easier for creators to produce high-quality Gacha videos. As a passionate fan and analyst of Gacha games, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time experimenting with several of these apps. Let me share my insights on some of the best ones I’ve come across.


Descript is an innovative tool that has truly revolutionized how I approach video editing. At its core, it allows you to edit videos as if you were editing a text document. The AI-driven transcription feature is impeccable, enabling you to cut, paste, or rearrange parts of your video just by manipulating the transcript. For Gacha content creators, this means a more intuitive editing process, especially when crafting storylines or syncing dialogue with character movements.


Gling stands out with its intelligent scene detection and auto-cropping capabilities. Particularly for Gacha videos where there’s often a lot of action happening, Gling’s AI effortlessly identifies the most crucial parts of a clip, ensuring that your videos remain engaging and to the point. Its user-friendly interface and rapid processing speeds have made it an indispensable tool in my Gacha video creation toolkit.

Adobe Podcast

While primarily designed for podcasters, Adobe Podcast has features that Gacha creators can benefit from. Its sound-enhancing capabilities can take your Gacha videos’ audio quality to the next level. Clear, crisp sound is paramount, especially when conveying the emotions and atmosphere of a Gacha storyline. I’ve found that using Adobe Podcast in conjunction with other video editors can yield some truly remarkable results.

Opus Clip

Opus Clip is a gem for those looking to add a touch of cinematic flair to their Gacha videos. With its extensive library of transitions, effects, and filters, all powered by AI, achieving professional-grade edits becomes a breeze. The app’s ability to automatically detect and adjust for shaky footage has been particularly helpful for me, ensuring that my Gacha videos always look polished and steady.


What is the best app to make Gacha videos?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this, as the best app often depends on your specific needs and proficiency level. However, from my extensive experience, Descript’s text-like video editing and CapCut’s Gacha-centric features are among the top choices. Both have unique strengths that cater to different aspects of Gacha video creation.

What app should I use to animate Gacha?

Animating Gacha characters requires precision and a wide range of features. Apps like Gling, with its scene detection, and Opus Clip, with its cinematic effects, can be instrumental in bringing your Gacha animations to life.

What do Gachatubers use to make videos?

Gachatubers typically use a mix of video editing and animation apps to create their content. From my interactions and research, Descript, CapCut, and Gling are among the popular choices. However, many also experiment with different tools to find the perfect blend that suits their style.

Is making Gacha videos hard?

Creating Gacha videos requires creativity, patience, and the right tools. While there’s a learning curve involved, especially for those new to video editing, with the advent of AI-powered apps, the process has become more accessible. Remember, practice makes perfect, and with dedication, anyone can master the art of Gacha video creation.

What app do TikTok animators use?

TikTok animators often gravitate towards apps that offer quick edits and seamless integration with the platform. CapCut, being developed by Bytedance (TikTok’s parent company), is a favorite. However, many also use Adobe After Effects for more complex animations, combined with other apps like Descript and Gling for additional editing.

In conclusion, the realm of Gacha video creation is expansive and continually evolving. With AI-powered apps at our disposal, the process has become more streamlined, allowing for greater creativity and efficiency.

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