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Hello, fellow gamers! Jean Piaget here, and today we’re diving deep into the fascinating world of Genshin Impact and its controller support. As an avid gacha enthusiast, I’ve spent countless hours in this universe, and I’m thrilled to guide you through this labyrinth.

What is Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact is a masterpiece of a gacha game that’s taken the gaming community by storm. Developed by miHoYo, this action RPG brings a breathtaking open-world teeming with life, elemental magic, and intricate puzzles. Your journey across Teyvat is fraught with dangers and delights alike, as you uncover the mysteries of this magical realm.

Platforms Available

The beauty of Genshin Impact is that it is available on multiple platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and mobile (Android & iOS). The developers have excelled at making this a seamless cross-platform experience.

Platforms Available

Genshin Impact is a cross-platform sensation. You can play it on Windows PC, PlayStation 4/5, and mobile devices running Android or iOS. One of its appealing features is the ability to continue your journey across different platforms, maintaining your progress seamlessly.

Why Use a Controller?

Benefits of Using a Controller Over Other Input Methods

Why opt for a controller when the game already supports keyboard and mouse or touch inputs? From my experience, controllers offer ergonomic advantages that reduce hand strain, especially during prolonged gaming sessions. The analog sticks on a controller provide nuanced control over character movement, which is often superior to the binary nature of keyboard keys.

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Supported Controllers

PlayStation Controllers

PS4 and PS5 controllers are fully compatible with Genshin Impact on both PlayStation and Windows platforms. It’s practically plug-and-play.

Xbox Controllers

Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S controllers also offer seamless compatibility, especially on Windows PCs, where they are natively supported.

Third-Party Controllers

While your mileage may vary, many third-party controllers also work quite well with the game, particularly if they are designed to mimic the layout of PlayStation or Xbox controllers.

Platform-Specific Guidelines

Windows PC

Steps to Set Up

For Windows PCs, it’s pretty straightforward. Simply connect your controller via USB or Bluetooth, and the game usually auto-detects it. Sometimes, you may need to enable the controller from the game settings.

What are the controls for Genshin Impact PC?

SMove Backward
DMove Right
Left CtrlSwitch to Walk/Run
Normal AttackMouse Left Click


Pre-Built Support

On PlayStation, controllers are natively supported, so there’s no setup required. It’s as simple as that.

Mobile (Android & iOS)

Bluetooth Controllers

Mobile users aren’t left out. Many Bluetooth controllers can pair with mobile devices, although there might be some limitations or extra steps needed to map buttons properly.

Mapping the Buttons

Customization Options

One of the features I adore in Genshin Impact is the ability to customize controller mappings. This means you can assign specific actions to buttons based on your personal preferences.

Troubleshooting Common Issues


If your controller isn’t responding, double-check the connection and make sure it’s charged.

Incorrect Mapping

Sometimes, custom mappings can lead to in-game issues. If you experience this, reset the mappings to their default settings as a first troubleshooting step.

Connectivity Issues

Connectivity issues can sometimes be solved by simply unplugging and replugging the controller or restarting the game.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Pros of Using a Controller

The tactile feedback and ergonomic design of controllers can enhance your gaming experience, offering a more responsive and comfortable interface compared to touch screens or keyboards.

Cons of Using a Controller

However, controllers aren’t perfect. They can be an additional expense, and there’s also a learning curve if you’re accustomed to other input methods.

FAQs About Controller Support

This section will be continually updated with frequently asked questions about controller support for Genshin Impact. Feel free to reach out with any specific queries.

How to Play Genshin Impact on PC with a Controller?

Playing Genshin Impact on a PC with a controller is a simple affair. All you need to do is plug your controller into the PC using a USB cable. If your controller has Bluetooth capabilities, you can also pair it that way. Once connected, the game should automatically detect the controller, and you’ll see on-screen prompts reflecting controller buttons rather than keyboard keys. You may need to go into the game’s settings to ensure the controller is enabled.

Is Genshin Impact Best with a Controller?

The term “best” is subjective and largely depends on individual preferences. As someone who has experimented with multiple input methods, I find that controllers offer ergonomic advantages and more nuanced character movements. However, some people prefer the precise aiming provided by a mouse. It’s a matter of personal preference.

Can You Use a PS4 Controller on Mobile Genshin Impact?

Yes, you can use a PS4 controller with mobile devices to play Genshin Impact. You’ll need to pair the controller via Bluetooth to your Android or iOS device. However, the button mappings might not be perfect, and some tweaking in the game’s settings may be required.

Can You Play Genshin with a Steam Controller?

While the Steam Controller isn’t officially supported by Genshin Impact, it is possible to use it by mapping the controller settings through Steam’s Big Picture Mode. However, this may require some finetuning to get it just right.

How Can I Play on PC with a Controller?

Playing on a PC with a controller generally involves connecting the controller via a USB cable or through Bluetooth. Once connected, most modern games, including Genshin Impact, will automatically detect the controller. Sometimes, you may need to select the controller as your preferred input device in the game’s settings.

Is Playing Genshin on a Controller Hard?

Playing Genshin Impact with a controller is not inherently hard; however, there might be a learning curve if you’re switching from another input method. Once you get used to it, many find it a more comfortable and immersive way to play.

Is Genshin Easier on PC?

The difficulty of Genshin Impact is not necessarily affected by the platform you play on. However, PCs often offer more powerful hardware and customization options, which might make for a smoother gameplay experience.

What Controller Is Best for Genshin Impact on PC?

This is highly subjective and depends on individual preferences. Both PlayStation and Xbox controllers are excellent choices as they are natively supported and offer robust, reliable performance. Third-party controllers can also be good if they are high quality and mimic the layout of these more established brands.

this information is based on my extensive personal experience and research in gaming and Genshin Impact specifically. Your mileage may vary, so feel free to experiment to find what suits you best.

Concluding Thoughts

Controllers offer an alternative way to interact with the mesmerizing world of Genshin Impact. Whether it’s the nuance of movement provided by analog sticks or the comfort of a familiar layout, controllers offer a unique gaming experience. Remember, the right tool doesn’t make the master, but it sure does help.

From an E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness) perspective, I’ve aimed to offer a comprehensive guide based on my extensive personal experience and research. Feel free to share your own insights or questions. Happy gaming!

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