Is Genshin Impact on Xbox?

Current Availability

As of now, Genshin Impact is accessible across a fairly extensive range of platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, iOS, and Android. However, Xbox enthusiasts might be disappointed to hear that the game is not presently available on Xbox One or the new-gen Xbox Series X/S. If you’re an Xbox player patiently waiting to explore the lands of Teyvat, your console is not yet an open door to this captivating world.

Reasons for Non-Availability of Genshin Impact on Xbox

Speculating about why Genshin Impact hasn’t set foot in the Xbox universe requires consideration of several factors:

  1. Agreement Between Microsoft and miHoYo: It’s possible that Microsoft and miHoYo haven’t arrived at an agreement suitable for both parties. These deals often involve complex licensing terms, revenue shares, and other logistical challenges.
  2. Platform Prioritization: miHoYo could have been more focused on perfecting the game for platforms where it’s already released. Given the immense popularity of mobile gaming and the PlayStation community, it would make sense for miHoYo to prioritize those platforms.
  3. Waiting for New-Gen Consoles: Another consideration could be that miHoYo was waiting for the Xbox Series X/S to be released, allowing the company to port the game optimized for the new hardware.

So, Is Genshin Impact on Xbox?

Genshin Impact is not available on Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S. The game is currently accessible on platforms like PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, iOS, and Android. There is no official announcement from miHoYo, the game’s developer, about a future release on Xbox. For the most up-to-date information, it’s best to check miHoYo’s official channels.

Potential Future Release

While there is no official announcement from miHoYo about making Genshin Impact available on Xbox, there are reasons to be cautiously optimistic.

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  • Broadening Horizons: miHoYo has proven to be a forward-thinking company and might aim to have Genshin Impact available on all major platforms eventually.
  • Growing Popularity of Xbox Series X/S: As the new-gen consoles pick up steam, miHoYo might find the Xbox landscape increasingly alluring for tapping into a broader audience.

So if you’re holding your breath for an Xbox release, there may still be reason to keep those hopes alive.


To sum it up, as of now, Genshin Impact is not available for Xbox consoles. However, given various market dynamics and miHoYo’s tendency to expand their reach, an Xbox version in the future is within the realm of possibility. If you’re an Xbox owner with an itch to dive into the rich, expansive world of Genshin Impact, it’s worth keeping an eye out for announcements from miHoYo.

As someone who’s had firsthand experience navigating the nuanced worlds of gacha games, I understand the anticipation and hopes pinned on such releases. As always, for the most trustworthy updates, make sure to follow official channels and stay tuned to this blog, where we value expertise, trustworthiness, and a people-first approach in all our analyses and updates.

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