Tower of Fantasy Gacha System Explained For Dummies 😅

Ah, the vast realm of the Tower Of Fantasy! As an avid player, I’ve witnessed the sheer magnitude of its universe. More than just an MMORPG, it’s the union of dynamic gameplay with the unpredictability of the gacha system that sets it apart. And I, Jean Piaget, delve deep into this amalgamation for you.

Understanding Simulacra

Ever found yourself asking, “What on earth are Simulacra?” Well, fret not. Simulacra are distinct entities, integral to the game. Intriguingly, they bear a symbiotic relationship with weapons, enhancing their core capabilities. I believe grasping this relationship is key to mastering the Tower Of Fantasy.

Tower Of Fantasy Standard Banner

Entering the standard banner, one can’t help but notice two dominant variants – the Gold Nucleus and the Black Nucleus. The mechanics and probabilities tied to each are distinct, with both presenting their unique sets of challenges and rewards.

3.1 Gold Nucleus Variant

The Gold Nucleus Variant, ah! Where should I start? It’s generous with its mercy system, ensuring that players aren’t left empty-handed for long. Then there’s the soft pity system, subtly increasing your odds over time. However, when it comes to SSR and SR weapons, probabilities become intriguing. The way the game handles duplicate weapons is commendable, with flame gold playing a pivotal role in adding utility to duplicates.

Lets explain in a simple way:

Think of the Gold Nucleus Variant like a special type of vending machine in the game. Now, this isn’t just any ordinary vending machine:

  1. Mercy System: Imagine trying to get a rare toy from the machine, and after many unsuccessful tries, the machine just gives it to you because it feels bad for you. That’s the mercy system—it ensures after a certain number of tries, you get something good.Real Example: Imagine if you were trying to win a big teddy bear at a carnival game. Even if you missed the target multiple times, after the 10th try, the game operator gives you the teddy bear just for trying so hard.
  2. Soft Pity System: This is like the vending machine slightly increasing your chances of getting a good item, the more coins you put in. So, the more you play, the luckier you might get.Real Example: Think about a slot machine that secretly increases your chances of winning the jackpot the more you play.
  3. SSR and SR weapons: These are just fancy names for super rare and somewhat rare items from the machine. It’s like trying to get the golden ring or silver necklace from a treasure chest; not everyone will get them, but they’re quite prized.
  4. Handling Duplicate Weapons: Sometimes, you might get the same item more than once from the machine. Instead of it being useless, the game has a way to make these duplicates valuable, with something called “flame gold”.Real Example: Imagine buying a pack of trading cards. If you get two of the same rare card, instead of it being a waste, you can trade in that duplicate for a special golden card.

3.2 Black Nucleus Variant

Treading into the Black Nucleus territory, things take a darker turn. There’s an evident absence of a mercy system, making the quest for SSR and SR weapons even more thrilling. And yet again, the game brilliantly manages duplicate weapons, ensuring players are never left wanting.

Now lets simplify, I will explain it as easy as posible:

When you play in this “Black Nucleus” section, things become a bit more challenging or intense.

There’s an evident absence of a mercy system, making the quest for SSR and SR weapons even more thrilling.

In many games, a “mercy system” means that if you fail many times, the game will eventually give you a break or a guaranteed reward. In this Black Nucleus area, there’s no such help. So, trying to get the very rare (SSR) or just rare (SR) weapons is even more exciting because there’s no safety net.

Example: Think of it like a claw machine at an arcade. In some machines, after you’ve tried and failed a certain number of times, it might be programmed to give you an easier chance to grab a toy. But this Black Nucleus claw machine doesn’t have that feature – every try is just as challenging as the last.

And yet again, the game brilliantly manages duplicate weapons, ensuring players are never left wanting.

Even though the Black Nucleus area is challenging, if you get the same weapon twice (or more times), the game has a way to make those duplicates useful or valuable. So, you don’t feel bad about getting the same thing again.

Example: Let’s say in our claw machine, you win the same teddy bear twice. Instead of being disappointed, imagine if you could trade those two teddy bears for a bigger, cooler prize. That’s how the game makes sure you’re happy even if you get duplicates.

3.3 List of Weapons and Simulacra

Over the years, I’ve compiled a list detailing weapon names, their rarity, and the associated Simulacra. As you venture further into the Tower Of Fantasy, this list becomes an invaluable companion, guiding you in your strategic endeavors.

Explanation for Dummies with a Real Example:

Imagine you’re collecting different kinds of stamps (like the ones you put on letters). Over time, you’ve gathered a variety of them – some common, some rare. Now, each stamp might also have a unique story or history behind it. Let’s say one stamp has a tale about a famous explorer, another about a beautiful bird, and so on.

Now, think of this collection as your “List of Weapons and Simulacra.” The stamps are the “weapons”, their commonness or rarity is… well, their “rarity”, and the stories behind each stamp are the “Simulacra.”

Just like how knowing the story behind each stamp might help you understand its value or decide which stamp to use for a special letter, in the game “Tower Of Fantasy”, having a list of weapons (stamps) and their associated stories (Simulacra) helps you make better decisions on which weapon to use or aim for.

Limited Banner

The Limited Banner – a treasure trove of surprises. Specializing in unique offerings, its periodic changes keep players on their toes. The introduction of the Red Nucleus and its acquisition mechanics adds another layer of depth. However, it’s essential to grasp the subtle differences in the pity system compared to the standard banner. Furthermore, with real money and in-game currency intertwined, there’s a special currency that bears resemblance to flame gold, warranting a deeper exploration.

Matrix Banner Overview

Matrices. More than mere game mechanics, they’re the backbone of character enhancement. And with set bonuses tied to them, they’re more pivotal than ever. Just as with weapons, there’s a pity system here, dictating your chances of securing SSR and SR matrices.

5.1 Standard Matrix Banner

Among matrices, four reign supreme – Mind, Memory, Belief, and Emotion. Their bond with characters is profound, dictating their very essence. Recognizing and leveraging this relationship can pave the way for unparalleled strategic depth.

Now check this out with a real example:

This section is talking about a particular feature or category within the game called the “Standard Matrix Banner.” Now, think of this “Matrix Banner” as a deck of special cards.

In this deck, there are four main types of cards that are the most powerful or important. These cards are named:

  1. Mind
  2. Memory
  3. Belief
  4. Emotion

Imagine you’re playing a board game with character pieces. Each of these character pieces has its unique strengths and abilities. These four cards (Mind, Memory, Belief, and Emotion) are like special boosters that can be attached to your character pieces to enhance their abilities or give them new skills.

For instance, let’s say you have a character named “Luna” in your game. If you attach the “Mind” card to Luna, she might become more intelligent, allowing her to make smarter moves. If you pair her with the “Emotion” card, she could become more empathetic and heal other characters.

The trick is in knowing which card to pair with which character. Making the right pairing can give you a big advantage in the game, adding more layers of strategy.

So, in simpler terms: The game has a special deck of cards, and these cards can boost your character’s abilities. Pairing the right card with the right character can make your game even more fun and challenging!

5.2 Limited Matrix Banner

The Limited Matrix Banner offers a unique subset of matrices, directly tied to limited weapon banner characters. Here too, a special currency exists, vital for summons. And then there’s the Matrix box, an element I believe holds the key to many mysteries within the game.

let’s break this down into simpler terms with an analogy:

Limited Matrix Banner

Imagine you’re at a special toy store that only opens once a month. This store offers a special collection of toys (called “matrices”) that you can’t find anywhere else. These toys are specially designed to match and work with certain limited-edition action figures (here, referred to as “limited weapon banner characters”).

To buy these toys, you can’t use regular money. You need a special type of currency, like a unique kind of token or coin (referred to as “special currency”).

Finally, within the store, there’s a mystery box named the “Matrix box”. It’s like one of those surprise boxes where you don’t know exactly what’s inside. Many believe that this box contains some of the most unique and rare toys, making it a must-have for serious collectors.


Imagine you’re a fan of Marvel superheroes. The store is offering special accessories (matrices) that can be equipped on limited-edition action figures like “Golden Iron Man” (limited weapon banner characters). To purchase these, you need Marvel tokens (special currency) instead of regular dollars. Lastly, there’s a Marvel Mystery Box (Matrix box) that might contain anything from a rare figurine to an exclusive comic book. Collectors are always eager to see what’s inside.


Reflecting upon the Tower Of Fantasy’s gacha system, its intricacies are evident. From Simulacra to matrices, there’s a world of strategy waiting to be unraveled. My advice for fellow players? Navigate the system with caution, armed with knowledge. For in the Tower Of Fantasy, information is power.

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By adhering to this outline, I hope to illuminate the gacha system’s nuances within the Tower Of Fantasy, ensuring players make the most informed decisions on their journey.

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